Ep. 1
The Rise of
the Pivot

"The fear of loss is a path to the dark side"

– wisdome from a galaxy far far away

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Can secure multi-currencies on an easy-to-use and safe device

Our Vision

The idea behind PVT PAY is to guarantee one thing only: 

Real Digital Cash.

Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as valubale speculative assets over the past years. What they are lacking is the instalment of peer-to-peer digital cash system.

We think that digital cash should possess the valuable properties of the coins you have in your pocket. You should be able to spend your money autonomously, anonymouslyoffline and fast.

Our solution: the Pivot. The Pivot is tomorrow’s Cold Wallet that secures your cryptocurrencies safely and shall solve today’s challenges facing the digital era.

The goal is to assure fast peer-to-peer offline transactions via our secured Cold Wallet.

Yet, everybody has to start somewhere. We are working on our Vision weekdays & weekends, day & night, but it is a huge undertaking.

That’s why we start by releasing our Pivot V1 this year on Indiegogo, which will be a generic but secure and well built Cold Wallet. Our Pivot V2 will then go live on Indiegogo in 2023 in a even bigger camapaign.

This way you have the chance to be one of the first couple of chosen ones to get your hands on our Pivot. Support us in this early stage and claim huge perks for our Pivot V2 Campaign next year and merchandise from PVT PAY.

Be the first one to try the Pivot, give us feedback and be part of the final development stages! 

Product suite

Our Trilogy: Hardware, Software and Security

The Pivot

The Coldwallet that gives you more than security. Play safe and pay safe with our Pivot. 

The Cryptux

The Recovery Solution for mutiple Seed Phrases and extra security. Tamper & Waterproof.

The App

The PVT PAY App will be the perfect addition to our product suite. It is still a work in Progress, so stay tuned!

Send | Recieve

Easily deposit or withdraw your assets from the the App to your Pivot via high standard Secure NFC.

We created a user friendly and easy to use process for dealing with your assets.

Everything you do will be double authenticated with your own biometrics.

Custom Security

Add and delete up to 5 fingerprints for flexibility or even to allow a friend or family member to access your assets as backup.

Set a 6-10 digit pin to access your Pivot in case you have issues identifying with your finger.

Enable auto-lock after a certain amount of time, or even as soon as you lift your finger of the Sensor.


Check your balance whenever you want, wherever you want. The Pivot always tells you what you’ve got!

In this menu you’ll find all the crypto assets that you have on your wallet.

Home button

Navigate through the Pivot with only ONE Button!

If you click ONCE you enter a menu item, if you click TWICE you’ll go back one step.

Yes it is that easy!

We designed the Pivot extremely user friendly, so we implemented as much controls as necessary, but as little controls as possible.

Gruppe 9


Next to your Seed Phrase and your personal Pin on the Pivot, we allow you to secure your crypto assets with your unique biometrics.

The fingerprint sensor unlocks your Pivot, authenticates transactions and changes and therefore connects your assets to your very own biometric information.


This is the way. 

Do or do not. There is no try.

Our team

Philipp Kohl

CEO | Founder

Business & Product Development, Design and Marketing

Product Designer (Target degree: Dipl. Des.), Blockchain & Crypto Enthusiast. 

Serkan Aydin

lead developer

Embedded Software development and everything related to the Pivot

B.Sc. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Bernd Pfaffinger

Advisor | Shareholder

Business Development, Patents & Copyright

Sen. Advisor Greencastle Technologies GmbH

Sven Erb

CTO & CFO | Founder

Business & Product Development, Finance, Cryptography and Cybersecurity

B.Sc. in industrial engineering and started investing in cryptos in 2016.

Robert Kratz

Advisor | Shareholder

Business Development, Financial advisor, Patent attorney

CEO Greencastle Technologies GmbH

Yannik Manet

CMO & SALES | FoundeR

Marketing, Research and Business Development.

B.Sc. in psychology and self-taught crypto Investor and Hodler

Isa karadag

Advisor | Shareholder

Business Development, Entrepreneurial advisor, IT-Specialist

CTO Greencastle Technologies GmbH

Partners & References

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