LiFi Technology

Data Transfer

To provide the quickest and safest way of transfering cryptocurrencies we are using LiFi, a new technology which transmits data through light.

Light Fidelity, unlike WLAN, transmits data wirelessly using light. This can be done with normal LED lamps. This makes it possible to increase data transmission to over 224 gigabytes per second, making LiFi 100 times faster than the well-known WiFi.

But why do we use LiFi instead of NFC? Specifically, during the Covid19 pandemic, we came to the conclusion that „contactless“ NFC-based payment has systematic application problems. When shopping, customers usually have to hold their card or mobile phone directly to the terminal in order to be able to pay. This deficit gave rise to the idea of ​​using LiFi, as the light cone automatically creates a greater safety distance and you therefore pay 100% contact-free.

In addition to contactless payment, the huge advantage over NFC is that it cannot be easily read, like a normal bank card that is not sufficiently protected. So that the data can be extracted, the light of the LED must flash, and you have to be in its light cone to receive the data.

We therefore see LiFi as the most secure technology to guarantee contactless payments.

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