Offline Trading


With our new technology we are able to bring back the anonymity of paying, a good which seemed to vanish in the upcoming digital age. On top of that it eliminates any transaction time and fees.

Crypto-trading has become very popular in the last years. Nowadays, there is a great supply and demand of crypto-usage, as seen by (1) various cryptocurrencies that emerge on the market and (2) the increased possibility of paying with crypto. Cryptocurrencies have many advantages, but the transaction process isn’t one of them.

Crypto-user are faced with long transactions-times and partly, huge transaction fees. Additionally, trading has to be done completely online because every transaction has to be validated in the blockchain.

Through the distribution of our Pivots we create an offline-network in which Cryptocurrencies can be transferred secure, swift, anonymous and without any costs.


So that you can stay the independent owner of your digital money.

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