The Cryptux


The Cryptux – the first recovery solution with a fireproof paper recovery sheet.

  • Stainless steel capsule
  • Fireproof recovery sheet paper
  • Pen with fireproof ink
  • A self-customizable pin
  • Waterproof, fireproof, shockproof

Secure your vulnerable information the easy way.

Secure your seed phrase so it survives everything

Natural disasters

Vulnerabel information, which should not be stored online should have a safe place which you trust. But if natural disasters happen, information on average paper can’t be really safe.
The Cryptux was created so that it can withstand big natural disasters. The Cryptux is water resistant, fire resistant (up to 1500°C) and dust resistant.

Damage from thiefs

A big risk for the security of your digital assets can also be the human himself. To keep your assets safe from unauthorised persons the Cryptux is equiped with a six digit lock, inspired by high grade bike locks (and the movie The DaVinci Code).

Easy of use

We had the idea to facilitate the process of storing your seed phrase in a physical device – no stamped letters, no tiles.
Just use the delivered pen and the delivered recovery sheet and write down your seed phrase. The delivered recovery sheet is made out of fire resistant paper so it can withstand temperatures up to 1500°C. The delivered pen is also heat resistant so the ink will not get damaged through the heat inside of the capsule.
After that you can store it inside of the Cryptux. It’s really that easy.

Storing possibilities

Other recovery solution only offer you the oppertunity to store one seed phrase at a time.
With the Cryptux you can store as many secret phrases, like seed phrases or passwords as you want. The only limit is the storing room inside the Cryptux.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight

L 120 x B 36 x H 36 mm
630 gr


AISI 303 (stainless steel)
A6061 (aluminium alloy)

Package includes

1x The Cryptux
3x Fireproof Recovery Sheets
1x Fireproof Pen

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