The Pivot


Esthatic, easy to use and secure is no contradiction anymore.
With the first Pivot we introduce the start of our universe.

The first Cold-Wallet with more functionality:

  • New and modern ux
  • Send/Recieve Funds offline
  • Check your current Balance
  • High Quality Design
  • High Security Standards
  • Multi Wallet Device

As we are currently in final development stages, check out our Indiegogo Pre-Launch Page and sign up for updates and be the first to buy!

Introducing the start of something big

New UX

No more encrypted USB-Sticks, no unhandy buttons, no touch display.
We want that you manage your funds in a new way.
Just use ONE button and ONE outer setting wheel to navigate through the Pivot

Send | Recieve

Sending and receiving your funds has never been this easy.

Unlock your Pivot, type in the amount you want to send or receive, verify with fingerprint (or pin) and hold the Pivot on your smartphone.
Just as easy as paying in a store.


When you are able to type into the device how much cryptos you want to send or receive you should also be able to see how much you have right now.
Just check your balance on the Pivot and don’t use a phone for that.


Most hardware wallets just want to be a plain USB-stick made out of plastic or are looking like oversized smartphones.
We choose another path. We think that a design which is based on real lifs coins can best reflect what value you are really holding in your hand.
With the Pivot the user feels the value of his assets in his hand.
Impenetrable by Design
Anti-tampering protection against physical attacks.


Look at the design, but don’t forget the security.
Using a two-chip architecture we ensure that your funds are secured from any vulnerabilities.
Generate your mnemonic over a true random number generator in combination with your fingerprint. This increases the security of your funds.
But can you make it more secure? For sure. You can add your own passphrase when generating your mnemonic. Your mnemonic and your own passphrase are connected to one another and increase security even more.


Add and delete up to 5 Fingerprints for flexibility or even to allow a friend or family member to access your assets as backup.
Set a 6-10 digit pin to access your Pivot in case you have issues identifying with your finger.
Enable Auto-Lock after a certain amount of time, or even as soon as you lift your finger of the Sensor.


Create as many wallets as you want and manage them all over the Pivot

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight

L 66 x B 66 x H 25 mm
123 gr



Package includes

1x Pivot
1x Motherbox
3x Fireproof Recovery Sheets
1x Fireproof Pen
1x Quickstart Guide
1x User Manual

Security Features

Biometric Sensor

Resolution: 128 x 128 px
Type: Capacitive Sensor


1x MCU STM32U575-QI
1x High end secure MCU
EAL 5+

Encryption/Cryptographic support

BIP32, BIP39, BIP44
12/24 Recovery Words + Passphrase


High end SecureNFC

Additional Specs


1.19 inch round AMOLED Display
Resolution: 390 x 390 px

Power Management

100 mAh

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