The Pivot Vision

The Pivot Vision

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Cash and Cryptocurrencies – both are vital parts of todays payment system. PVT PAY tries to combine opportunities from both worlds. Introducing the Pivot and the Pivot-Vision

The central vision of PVT PAY is to digitize cash with all its benefits.

Our pivot represents a secure and hygienic payment alternative. Usually, the transaction of crypto currencies is connected with various circumstances, which often make transactions unattractive. Through the distribution of our Pivot we would like to circumvent these obstacles and thus ensure secure, anonymous and contactless offline transactions, free of charge.

Our pivot combines various modern technologies in a closed and independent product. The data transfer is done by modern LiFi technology, a titanium dioxide coating of the product ensures a self-cleaning aspect. The integrated generator ensures self-sufficiency, making our product independent of any charging station. A self-sufficient offline wallet of this kind is made possible by us for the first time

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